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Reviewed by: John (View all my reviews)

Reviewed on: 12th Apr 2010 2:43pm

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I recently bought a second hand PFT G4 plastering machine off of ebay and this is my review.

The price of £2750 was not bad I thought. Until I tried using the thing. Nothing but troubles. The machine keeps jamming up and stalling the generator. We've spent hours on this machine trying to get it to work properly. We've tried differnent rotors and stators, adjusted the water consistency and everything. Changed hoses, motors, power cables the lot. we even had the generator checked out to see if it was that. I don't know if the plastering machine was busted when I bought it or if they're all like this but the mechanic we used cant find the problem with it. Ive given up and I'm getting anothe machine

If anyone thinks they know the problem maybe you can post a reply to me.

UPDATE: In fairness I add this update. I have now discovered that the G4 will spray renders okay. I was trying to put Gypsum Multifinish through it - which apparently it just won't do.


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