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M-Tec 2000 DuoMix

Reviewed by: John (View all my reviews)

Reviewed on: 18th Jan 2010 4:14pm

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I rate the cost of this machine a 9. All machines are pretty expensive really, but in relation to material diversity and what I can actually pump and spray with this machine ... well it has to be just about the best on the market. A slightly lower price and I'd give it a 10 here as opposed to a 9.

The Duomix 2000 is not exactly the most attractive machine on the market. But function design is good. I can't actually fault it. I'd like to see the water flask housed a little more securely as this is quite vulnerable. Other than that is scores quite highly.

Reliability. I've heard quite a few other machine plasterers with the Duomix complaining about all the electronics and safety cut-outs needing bypassing - which they've done. In my opinion though this is not necessary providing you set the machine up correctly and that you pump the correct consistencies in direct ratio to distances and height. I've not yet had a problem with any of the electronics and cut-outs. It's reliable.

Material Diversity. Just show me a material that the DuoMix won't pump! Okay, 'site mix' is one, but then no other plastering machine on the market will mix and pump site mix without blocking the hoses. It's all down to the correct granularmetricy (we know this). The Duomix is the only electric plastering machine on the market that I know of that will mix and pump Gypsum Hardwall "ALL DAY LONG!" Weber LAC will go through this machine fine too. A star wheel fed mixing chamber would encounter problems ... after about 30 minutes due to initial 'setting' of the material in the mixing chamber. Definitely rate this machine a 9 here.

Performance is excellent. I've pumped much higher and further through 30 mil hoses than the manufacturers say you can. I've had to - no choice in the matter. This machine handles it! I can clearly put it down to the duo mix action. A great, great design. I've been 5 lifts away from machines before when the rotor and stator gives out. A star wheel fed machine would give you wet, dry, wet, dry and 'back fill' before you know it. Not a Duo Mix. It will just stop pumping. You'd have to be some kind of special moron to back-fill a Duo Mix! This is an 'agro-less' machine and just what you need on site to maximise your own performance.

Set up is pretty straight forward. They all are. However, upon set up and getting material through the rotar and stator for the first time with the Duo Mix is far easier than any other machine I've had before. Occassionally, as with any dry mixing chamber and star wheel fed machine, you'd stand a 'higher' chance of jamming the rotor and stator when getting material though it for the first time. You need to pay careful attention and 'do it right', putting really wet material through and adjusting the consistency down. (Not ideal if your positioned umpteen stories up on a loading bay and you really want to minimize on waste that you've got to get down again. My lads seemed to manage it now and again, needing to jolt the rotor and stator free with reverse and forward direction. Duo mix is a totally different story.

Cleaning. Cleaning in my estimation creates a little more mess (which is hard to control) than I'd like. If you're on a residential job with this machine then it can be a little bit of a pain.

Transport is fine. This is quite a heavy machine, but has some well designed lifting handles at just the right height and positions. The wheels sometimes drive me nuts and reminds me of how a shopping trolley won't go in a straight line either with those ridiculous wheels. Would be better if only two spun right the way round. Brakes are superb though - they really do work.

Aftersales Service. From M-Tec direct, I thought that their aftersales service was quite lacking. Enquiries on the website were un-answered. I spoke to someone on the phone and they really were quite hard work. Couldn't send me a parts catalouge. Didn't even know the machine I wanted spares for. Totally useless in my opinion. Found a distribuotor for M-Tec machines (Markhams) and they've been absolutely brilliant.

Maintenance costs ... average and quite what you could expect really.


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