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m-tec m300

Reviewed by: John (View all my reviews)

Reviewed on: 15th Jan 2010 8:24pm

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Bought this machine after owning a PFT G5 , was given full training and demonstration with machine and was more than impressed,machine was new on the market and is a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Since using machine in site conditions have discovered that it isn't the most practical machine , it's a nightmare to move about as it has 4 little wheels and they all steer it needs to be on level flat ground so you can open the mixing pot and it has also proved very unreliable with silly little design faults such as switches breaking and the motor actually breaking of the housing that it sits on, and the conveying shaft wears out very quickly on it, the back up I have recieved from the people I bought it from has been absolutley faultless they have been very helpful and understanding in resolving the problems with as little fuss and cost to myself, the back up from m-tec direct has been ok but they still need to resolve the design faults on the machine. i have been very dissapointed with this machine after all it promises to do, however when the machine is up and running it does work very well and does what it says on the tin. but my advice to anyone who wishes to buy one of these machines should look around as I believe there are far better machines you could buy.


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